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About Ralph P. Brown

Ralph P. Brown

Ralph P. Brown (Mohawk name: Tawennihake) is a registered tribal member of the St. Regis band of Mohawk Indians. Having lived with many tribes and studied with many Medicine Men, he brings to this novel a lifetime of study and experience. In addition to being an author and ceremony leader, he is an artist and proprietor of Mirrored Windows, an online gallery focused on his art. Brown and his wife Anita reside in Nebraska.

While readers follow the enlightening journey of young Okwaho as he is guided by the elderly sage Lightning Eyes, we are taken on our own spiritual journey. Along the way, we learn about the Medicine Wheel, a vibrant entity that represents and reflects all that exists in the universe. Through the use of parables and observations steeped in Native American culture and tradition, the powers of the Medicine Wheel are further revealed. It allows us to recognize our potential and see how we relate to our world, whether in the abstract or the literal, the positive or the negative. The Medicine Wheel is our universe—it is also us—and through the author’s guidance, we learn insight and patience from it.

Ralph is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “13 Virtues to a New Life: A Journey Around the Medicine Wheel”.